delivery by drones will start in Switzerland

Switzerland is the first country to allow the movement of autonomous drones over dense urban areas. They will be used to deliver blood samples and other analyzes between hospitals and laboratories.

Of drones delivery will soon roam the skies of Switzerland. The first such network will be operational next month. It was developed by the North American company Matternet, which was approved by the Swiss authorities in March. The drones are designed for delivery of blood samples and other analytical samples between hospitals and laboratories. This is the first time that such a service is permitted over dense urban areas.

Matternet has designed a docking station for its quadricopters that will be installed at the start and finish. The drone is placed on the platform which contains a motorized drawer loaded to receive the package, weighing up to 2 kg . The latter is then loaded into a nacelle under the drone. The user uses amobile application to create the shipping order. Upon arrival, the recipient places hissmartphone in front of the scanner of the station to identify the QR code he received in order to retrieve the package.

The Matternet dock-docking docking station incorporates an automated charging system. © Matternet

Uranium blood drives in Rwanda

The Matternet stations will be positioned on the ground or on the roof of the buildings. They contain batteries for drones that are automatically exchanged after a flight. The machines have a range of 20 kilometers and a speed of 70 km / h. To start, Matternet plans to fly one to two dronesper network. Several networks will be deployed from next year. Once the Swiss experience is well underway, the young shoot plans to deploy its service in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Matternet is not the only company to exploit the vein of drones to deliver blood and medical samples. Zipline, a Californian company, initiated a blood delivery service in Rwanda in the fall of 2016 and plans to deploy to Tanzania in early 2018.

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