GPS Of Smartphones Soon Much More Accurate

Broadcom, a manufacturer of communication chips for mobile devices, has announced the availability of a new dual-frequency GPS that will offer accuracy to the centimeter, compared to about five meters currently. Location-based services on smartphones will be the main beneficiaries.

The smartphones , tablets and other connected devices using a GPS will soon make a leap result in terms of accuracy. Broadcom , a leading provider of communications chips for mobile devices, today announced the availability of a Global Navigation Satellite System ( GNSS) receiver, which is accurate to the centimeter scale, it is currently about five meters. Only some military and industrial equipment so far had GPS of such acuity.

The Broadcom BCM47755 is the first of its kind to be able to simultaneously receive the following L1 and L5 signals: GPS L1 C / A, Glonass L1, BeiDou (BDS) B1, QZSS L1, Galileo (GAL) E1, GPS L5, Galileo E5a, QZSS L5. It crosses these data with those emitted by the other sensors present in the smartphone: accelerometer , magnetometer , gyroscope .

The Broadcom chip consumes half the energy

Broadcom believes that this technology will improve navigation and augmented reality services in both dense urban areas and more open environments. The manufacturer promises in particular an improvement of the estimates of the time of arrival and better localization of the drivers and the customers for the transport services of type Uber or BlaBlaCar.

One of the current defects of the GPS chips of our smartphones is that they are very energy-intensive . This is why it is recommended that you disconnect the GPS and other wireless connections ( Bluetooth , Wi-Fi ) when not in use, in order to extend the battery life. Broadcom ensures that its new GNSS chip consumes 50% less energy compared to the previous generation. It should equip smartphones, tablets and other connected watches that will be released next year.

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