New With The New Google Adwords Interface

Precision: the google documentation cited at the bottom of the page is not up to date, so do not rely on its summary table!


Google must still make its moult for mobility

In the first place, it was necessary to meet new requirements in terms of display performance on all devices and to put in place a user experience worthy of the design material.

On the mobile side, Google has not yet made its moult. Indeed, on smartphones, Adwords does not offer the same possibilities for creating campaigns as the conventional computer. Whether it is via the classic browsers embedded here with Android under Samsung browser, or with no chrome application, the experience is not at the rendezvous.

Different adwords model on mobile

Only really the dedicated adwords application can be used with the possibility to consult key performance indicators (impressions, clicks, clickthrough rates, conversions, costs ..), budget changes, standby, activations or deactivations d bid adjustments, keywords, ads.

Google must still improve for the mobile campaign manager! Alone, the Google Express application, ideal for TPE, SME, local. Simplissime, does well the job of a creation from A to Z ads (or the word campaign does not exist) without the power of the platform Adwords!

It is necessary to get used to this new interface to take the right way without grilling the steps, otherwise, elements remain grayed out! Below, if you want to go into the editing of ads, the right way is campaigning campaigns> Ads and not directly> ads.

Getting accustomed to this principle of navigation left-right

Material design first with fluidity as a bonus!

Let’s go back to the desktop! What is pleasing and not consulted in the old interface are the default dashboards generated by the system. So there, the persuasive design supported by the design front of Google design, forces us to have nose on the piloting campaigns . Otherwise, the fluidity is bluffing, as for example the one concerning the artificial intelligence (buzzword) of the platform with the “opportunities” …

Look for opportunities management

My feelings about the redesign of navigation

Ultimately, with this new interface, we have the impression that we went from the old platform or navigation was rather “horizontalisée” with 1 st level of access to accounts if one is under MCC tabs, filters but without tree logic, to a new “vertical” tree navigation, with grouping on the leftmost side menu (with access to different accounts if Mcc as illustrated below), with a left side menu formerly horizontal tabs), with access to filters clearly displayed. Certainly it requires an addiction, but in the long run, it seems more intuitive.

tree navigation for the new version

The old interface seems to be less efficient, with more clicks to achieve the same result sought, here the filtered view of a campaign by cpc means.

navigation old adwords interface more bushy and complex


A still simple campaign creation: demo in 2 mn 14 s to launch a search campaign!

The positive points of the new adwords platform

  • Fluidity of the interface (speed)
  • A light breeze
  • Grouping cross-sectional data in the top right menu [configuration]
  • Managing keyword exclusion targets from the campaign level
  • Ux Opportunities, Pleasant Audience Management Data
  • The additional global information once entered in 1 campaign.
  • Grouping reports on top menu gray [formerly variable]
  • The reporting and dashboards of the new google adwords interface is on top!

A light breeze to sit

additional information adwords menu top

Points to improve 

  • Data upload on Google analytics
  • Keyword planning tool not yet available
  • Shared budgets
  • Grouped imports
  • Automatic rules: some are beginning to be available but not all
  • Allocation on the search network
  • Experimental Adwords

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