How To Start Your Digital Strategy

If you have configured your Analytics , you have access to the Search Console, which tells you the queries typed in Google by the users who have landed on your site.

Well, as far as we are concerned, we realize that our visitors are interested in knowing how to set the goals of a digital strategy . The levers of webmarketing, you see what it is. The SMART goals , you begin to understand how to define.

But what are the most important criteria for your visibility on the Web? Which webmarketing levers should be activated first once you have set your goals? In short, how to start a digital strategy? Here are some avenues not to start blindly and know where you go on the Web!

Defining your personas

Thomas explained it well in his guide to Inbound Marketing , you should always, always keep in mind who your personas are : when you post a blog post, post on social networks or you launch an ad campaign , it is to them that you must address.

Yes, the time of mass marketing is gone: no need to talk about you and your products , that is not what interests your future customers. Instead, put yourself in their shoes and think about the benefits they could derive from your services. Not easy, huh?

So think about the ideal future client you would like to attract: the personality of your customer A (nice, as long as you do!), The turnover of your client B’s company, the exact position of your customer C … emerge trends, find the commonalities between them and you will create the semi-fictitious profile of your persona!

It will guide you in guiding your strategy in order to reach it at the right time, with the right message. The basis of Inbound Marketing in sum 😊

Identify competitors on the Web

The definition of your persona has other advantages: by searching the Web for information, you will come across various sites, blogs, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that will challenge you.

In fact, you have simply delimited your environment on the Web , composed of your competitors, direct and indirect, but also influencers and hubs of your sector. A good way to know which influences your persona’s purchasing decisions .

The pushing your competitors study will give an overview of best practices of your industry:
– The most effective websites in terms of ergonomics, visual, purchase journey and webconversion
– accounts the more monitored on social networks
– Publications that generate the most commitment

You will then have your “templates” on the web and social networks. What will it do for you? To set your SMART goals see!

Gain visibility on the Internet

Written Interview: What are the 5 criteria of your visibility on the Web ? Congratulations to those who replied notoriety, popularity, authority, expertise and confidence!

The next step in defining your strategy is precisely to choose a champion among your competitors for each of the 5 axes of this radar. So you have to aim for 5 types of performance: but how do you know which are the priority axes?

Your goal is to occupy the maximum space on this radar: then we will start with the most easily reachable criteria.  For example, gaining popularity: you will have to increase your subscribers on the networks but also your commitment. You must work your trust? Collect stars on Google and post customer testimonials on your site!

Remember, non-SMART objectives, it is the guarantee to be exhausted, to discourage … and especially to ruin. Because you can always use AdWords sponsored links or Facebook retargeting, but if the people attracted by these ads arrive on an empty site, with no relevant or recent content, they will leave as they came. And you, you will have lost feathers.

So at the risk of repeating myself, I invite you to integrate your content strategy with your digital strategy: it is the best way to build lasting visibility on the Web, and to attract skilled prospects

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