Google Tips To Recruit An SEO Or Choose An SEO Agency

Google’s help pages are full of tricks for both individuals and professionals. If your company is interested in its visibility on Google, you may have already browsed through the Search Console. One of them, entitled Do You Need a Referrer , helps to better understand the role and interest of SEO specialists. Google has even added an explanatory video of 11 minutes to help companies recruit a good SEO or enter into a contract with a quality SEO agency.

Maile Ohye is Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google Search. It distills a number of tips to maximize its chances of recruiting a good SEO.

Check your references and evaluate your soft skills

Being a referencer is complicated. The technical background is essential. The day before is also, to know all the new search engines. An SEO does a lot of testing to understand what works and what does not. It must be curious and must be interested in other channels of acquisition. Google advises recruiters to analyze the results obtained by referrers in the past and to assess the relevance of the advice they have provided.

If the results are important, they should not hide the essential competence of SEO: communication. A referencer must be able to work as a team. It is also the most complicated skill to evaluate in maintenance. A referrer must be able to advise the other professionals of the company, from the marketer to the designer through the content manager. They must understand their problems and provide appropriate solutions and advice.

A two-way job interview

Assessing the technical skills of an SEO, its adaptability and its references is important. But you should not be satisfied with the results achieved in the past. Google advises to focus the interview on future collaboration between SEO and your business. The goal is to estimate what the SEO will bring to your business. You can ask him a few questions to assess his interest:

  • How is our business, content or service unique and rewarding?
  • Who are our customers, how do they find our website?
  • How does our company earn money, what is the value of search?
  • What other channels can we use? Advertising, social networks?
  • Who are our competitors, and what do they do to be visible on the Internet?

Ask applicants to conduct an SEO audit

Google advises companies to ask candidates to conduct a first SEO audit of their website (s). Select only the best candidates you would be willing to work with. Give them access to your Analytics data and ask them to list priority actions. Good benchmarkers will prioritize actions according to the seriousness of the problem, the estimated investment, the estimated profits on the business of the company and the avenues mentioned if the results are not as good as expected. The technical part of the audit can focus on internal linking, crawlability, URL parameters, server connectivity and HTTP responses.

SEO Black hat

If the professionalism of most SEO is more to prove, some referencers use practices that are not very recommendable, even prohibited, and deceive their customers. These are those who attempt to “manipulate search engine results abusively” . Google invites you to be particularly vigilant about the use of parallel domains (shadow) or satellite pages (doorway). The engine reminds that nobody can guarantee the first position on Google and that companies are often asked by email: “We visited your website and found that you did not appear in the major search engines and directories …” . Google advises“To give as much credit to this type of e-mail as messages promising you” lose 20 kg in two weeks “or inviting you to facilitate the transfer of funds from some illegal dictator. “

Other Google tips

Maile Ohye also believes that a good SEO will corroborate its recommendations with the official documentation of Google (tips on the help pages, response of a Googler on a forum …). In parallel with his observations, he will have to propose concrete actions to be carried out on the sites to optimize. She recalls that a referrer is not a magician. Do not be impatient, you should not see the effects of his actions before 4 to 12 months.

To know if you need (or not) to recruit a SEO specialist, better understand the role of a referrer or an SEO agency, its good practices and succeed in spotting unscrupulous SEOs, you can consult the page designed by Google: Do you need a SEO?

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