Google SEO Tips to Optimize

Do you also want to optimize your blog in order to improve its SEO on Google as well as on other search engines?

Here are 22 practical tips that will allow you to efficiently optimize your blog, but also avoid mistakes that will seriously harm the SEO on all the search engines.

1. You must know your keywords

Optimization for search engines relies on understanding what people are looking for online. It is only when you have understood it that you can create content that will meet those needs there. When you use the same words, phrases, and phrases in an article, video or podcast, you have a blog that’s right for you. It is for this reason that it is important to know the niche in which one wants to blog.

2. You must learn to find the right keywords

This step completes the previous one. It is not enough just to add any keyword to ensure a perfect SEO to his blog. You should especially know how to choose the right keywords for your articles. Google offers a powerful tool that will help you find the different expressions that users typed and the frequency (amount) of these searches. You can find it here:

This tool will certainly give you new article ideas.

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3. Use your keywords frequently enough

Using your keywords frequently enough allows Google to identify your niche. However, you must be wary of over-use of these keywords because you run the risk of being taken for a spammer and being banned from Google.

4. Do not try to reference several keywords at once in your articles

Doing simple is definitely the best approach when you optimize your blog for the search engines. Concentrate on a single theme and on two to three keywords related to this niche if you do not want to dilute all your SEO efforts.

5. Mention your main keyword in the tags of your blog

The H1 and H2 tags play a huge role in optimizing your blog. They sometimes even play a more important role than your article. Why not take advantage of it to add your main keyword in the title and description of your blog?

6. Describe your images

You can add images to illustrate your article or to justify your text, however you need to know that Google can not see your images. Only a description can enable them to “see” them . Without any description, your image will be ignored . For better optimization, consider including your main keyword in the description of your image.

7. Link your articles

Link your new articles to the elders and encourage your readers to discover your old articles. This will have the advantage of keeping them longer on your blog and improving your SEO with the search engines. Google pays close attention to the links, making it the perfect place to place your keywords.

8. Make links to other blogs

Create a blogroll and add between 1 to 10 maximum links to other blogs in your niche. This trick will allow you to improve your SEO (especially if you share quality content with your readers).

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