Google Adwords Make Its Comeback

This re-entry webmarketing with the Adwords program is done between 2 chairs between the old interface and the new one, although the differences in functionality are not so numerous as that in the end. You have to do it! These 8 new features focus on the new interface with 4 new features, 2 new reports, 1 change in adwords conversion tracking mode, and a new version of adwords editor.

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Search Campaign Settings

  • Bid Adjustment for Calls

This concerns the new interface, which has been asked for a lot of luster by the campaign managers, using the bid variable to push this call extension, a useful tactic for activities related to specific schedules.

adwords call adwords

  • Improved and simplified ad rotation

Google evokes simplification and machine learning that takes precedence over the good ad and thus suppression of optimization for conversion and regular rotation, any platform of course.

Ad rotation

Display video and application campaign

Remarketing YouTube and RLSA

Finally more silos between the remarketing lists Youtube and Search. Concretely, the advertiser can use both his listings of hearings for retargeting campaigns on the domains of Google for the textual ads and on the video campaigns.

youtube rsla

video rsla website

Mobile App Installations Campaigns

Often confusing to make the right choice of a kind of campaign to promote an Ios or Android mobile app. Google adwords further simplifies with only the choice of a universal campaign. This reduces the targeting scope, the choice of bids that the application installation campaigns had, but Google argues that more than 50% of installations come from universal campaigns for mobile applications, with a 140% conversion rate better than l other style of campaign, then?

mobile application universal campaign


Landing pages report

This is a new report that is relevant but really useful? In the old interface, Google Analytics data provided a view on post-click engagement. Here, the landing pages on which visitors are sent after clicking on an ad provide only clickthrough rates, impressions, ctr. Or have passed the data of GA, to the rescue!

landing page report

Report on the frequency of your Shopping ads at the top of the page

This gives an indicator on the share of the announcement on the top of the page, but on the left, in the 1 st most clicked position, to the detriment of the more central and right positioning.

shopping tx impression

Also, a product status, useful and that avoids commuting to Merchant center to see the flow status of the stream.



New version adwords editor (v12)

We are here on the free tool often used by agencies. This desktop tool makes it easy to manipulate the campaigns and has been renewed this summer with a redesign and enhancement.

  • Enable bid strategy Optimize available conversions
  • Import up to 20 images and videos for universal application promotion campaigns
  • Arrival of the personalized rules: again, let’s be critical, there is a deficit in the semantics of the title! “Rules” should instead be called “suggestions” because it is confusing with the automatic rules already present at the level of the bundled operations, but this has nothing. 16 default tips are suggested with the possibility of creating customized ones.

adwords rules adwords

Track conversions saved on a website

So far adwords conversion tracking, since adwords, was managed by a cookie connected to the adwords server. As of this month, the Gclid tracking parameter will be stored in a new GA cookie on _gac. The GA and Adwords account must be associated with automatic tagging enabled. Prevention measure for the 2018 RGPD? Undoubtedly, this simplifies reporting to visitors to do, if this monitoring continues to be managed by the adwords servers.

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