Fair And Modular Smartphone, Is Available In France

Fairphone 2, an environmentally friendly smartphone and the people who make it, is now distributed in France  via the Orange operator. Designed to last from three to five years, it can be easily repaired by its owner in case of breakage or wear of the battery.

It took almost two years for the Fairphone 2 to be officially available in France. The  smartphone “modular and ethical” is distributed by the operator  Orange  who offers it to 79.90 euros with a subscription of 24 months minimum or alone 525 euros. This mobile defends several principles respectful of the consumer and the actors involved in its manufacture: the fight against programmed obsolescence and the supply of raw materials according to methods that respect the environment and the people who collect them.

This Android smartphone is designed to last from three to five years thanks to an affordable and easily replaceable parts system. The 5-inch Full HD display costs 87 euros, the 2.420 mAh battery 20 euros, the 12 megapixel rear camera module 45 euros and the 5 megapixel photo module 30 euros. In total, six spare parts are available for the Fairphone 2. The disassembly and replacement procedures are simple and take only a few minutes (see  this video ).

Tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold extracted ethically

The manufacture of a  smartphone uses  many ores whose exploitation can be done in conditions disrespectful of the environment and the people; it can also fuel conflicts in sensitive areas, particularly in Africa. Fairphone has been working on this issue for several years and has successfully secured gold, tungsten , tin and tantalum supply lines in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo or  Rwanda from unrelated mining operations to the financing of armed conflicts.

Aesthetically, the Fairphone 2 does not have the elegance of the  iPhone 8  and other Galaxy S8. It is not a fashionable item, just a robust mobile phone, durable and with which one participates in a fairer trade. Too bad that its non-subscription selling price does not make it more accessible.


Fairphone: the fair smartphone will have a successor

Initial article by Numerama, published on 7/03/2015

Launched in 2013, the first eco-friendly smartphone and the people who make it have met with public support. The Dutch team carrying this project announces the arrival of a Fairphone 2 for the coming school year. Compatible 4G , it could adopt an alternative OS to Android like Firefox OS or Ubuntu Phone.

The calendar is clear for Fairphone 2. In a blog post published in mid-February, the Dutch company behind the smartphone fair and integrates plans to launch a new model in the second half of the year. Its marketing should begin just after the summer holidays.

For this new Fairphone, the Dutch company has much more ambitions. While the first generation of the phone has gone to 60,000 units, the second will be three times larger: it is indeed a question of producing 200,000 copies of the Fairphone 2 by the end of 2016, of which 50,000 only for the second half of this year.

As for the first Fairphone, it is the European market that will be privileged. First, deliveries will be reserved primarily to customers from the Old Continent. But next year, the project wants to be able to sell the mobile elsewhere in the world.

Producing a 100% smartphone from fair trade and truly respectful of the environment is a challenge. The Fairphone is certainly far from this ideal, but it has the merit of going in the right direction. © Fairton

The Fairphone 2 will be 4G compatible

For the moment, the technical characteristics of the Fairphone 2 are not known. We just know that the phone should have 4G connectivity in order to be in the trend of very high mobile broadband . It is highly likely that the operating system will still be Android , although the Dutch company is considering alternative platforms , such as Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone. Compared to Fairphone, the new model will be even more demanding on its principles, such as fair trade and respect for the environment.

The company behind the project does not hide the fact that it has still to make progress to obtain a 100% integral, fair and ecological product (but is it an accessible goal?), Even if the first generation has already made a notable step in the right direction. Asked by  The Next Web during the  Mobile World Congress , a spokesman said: “It’s still far from being 100% fair, but we see it rather as a starting point. There are thousands of things that can be improved in the supply chain. The phone contains more than thirty minerals. They come from all corners of the globe and there are dozens of steps to take before they become components for the plant.

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