Does Your Boss Need Digital Marketing Training?

If there are trades that have been greatly impacted by digital transformation, it is marketing and communication. Always at the heart of the company’s strategy , they have evolved a lot in a few years. The digitization of marketing, social networks, the possibilities offered by the Web to segment and target its customers, automation … What a prospect!

Digital marketing requires the support of all employees

Only here: digitizing the marketing of the company requires the adherence of all employees, and first and foremost leaders . If I look around me, the marketing directors and communication managers I see are all a bit like me: they studied at a time when the Web was very rarely on the program (#TeamQuadra). What they know about webmarketing and digital communication, they learned it gradually by keeping abreast of the evolution of their profession. Often, even though they are rather well imbued with Internet culture, it is difficult for them to transmit and structure their knowledge to effectively educate their team, management and all the people in the company. Not to mention that a message that comes from outside the company sometimes happens more easily than from the inside.

Start by sensitizing the management team on the digital transformation of your sector

It is now clear that no sector of activity will be hermetically sealed . From the catering industry to the automotive industry, from public works to childcare, both in the discount and in the luxury sector, the Internet has opened enormous possibilities, allowed productivity gains, developed customer attachment, when the Web is not squarely responsible for a sectoral revolution (talk to your local bookseller …).

But the digital revolution that we are experiencing is experiencing an acceleration such that it becomes urgent to master the stakes. For many companies, this may include, for example , awareness-raising seminars tailored to your sector. We did it for business services, for the automotive sector, for the cultural sector …

This first step allows you to project yourself into a new era for your business. It then remains to organize it.

Define the digital strategy of your activity

We need to rethink the entire organization of the company to successfully integrate digital. And put a key element at the heart of this strategy: your customer. He too has lived through his transformation, it must be taken into account! Your customers expect you to adapt to their new requirements, understand them and serve them, and for this you will need to know the extent of possible marketing and communication on the Internet.

For it to work, everyone in the company must understand the meaning of your actions, and sometimes of your reorganization. And so that everyone understands, it is not enough to train the marketing teams and com: it is necessary that all services boarding your digital transition.

What digital marketing training plan to put in place?

There are several solutions, some more suitable than others. For the sake of economy, you may be tempted to enroll your employees in a general-purpose inter-company training. In our opinion, it is not necessarily a good calculation. In this type of training, you often find too many people / too many disparities in the level of knowledge / too many different expectations. As a result, you have spent little (and still, it is very relative), but not got much, and your collaborators are not operational.

The ideal: tailor-made training, according to your needs, the number of people to be trained, the information to be passed on to everyone, the rhythm of digital integration in your actions. The ideal digital marketing training is not done in one day, two weeks or 6 months: it is adapted to your needs and scalable. It is also anything but theoretical. Effective training involves commitment, active and productive engagement.

Very often at the end of inter-company theoretical training I hear the participants say “good ben now have to apply”, and I’m not sure this is the right method. On the contrary, individuals must be projected through examples of their daily lives. This is how we can demonstrate what digital marketing can bring to the business project, and – bonus! – it is an excellent way to develop the creativity of your employees , in a context where innovation is one of the best guarantees of your sustainability!

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