Developing An App For The Apple Watch

The connected watch from Apple has just been marketed in no less than nine countries with limited stocks. The next deliveries are scheduled for June. Even if the price of the Apple Watch remains high, Apple’s connected watch, the Apple Watch, has surpassed the million orders on its weekend! Apple therefore sold more connected watches than its competitors Pebble (700,000) and Fitbit (600,000) throughout 2014. Sales of connected watches are expected to reach 20 million this year. 2015 year of the watch connected?

The Apple Watch Sto re already has more than 3,000 apps for its launch. Apple has released an SDK called WatchKit , allowing mobile application developers to create applications around its Watch OS. You’re a follower of Evernote, the application for Apple Watch makes it possible to dictate notes that are automatically transcribed and synchronized in the application on your smartphone (the Apple Watch must be connected to a smartphone and does not have slot for including a SIM card). A car to order on Uber? Possible! From a simple tap on your connected watch the application allows you to find a driver near where you are, and send him notification and booking confirmation. With the Apple Watch, ended the time when it was necessary to take his iPhone out of his pocket to find the title of the song with Shazam, consult his thread Instagram or Twitter discreetly, measure his physical activity or heart rate.

Side features? Apple’s connected watch includes Apple’s contactless payment system, Apple Pay, but also Passbook. The user can directly exchange from the screen with his / her contact person. Thanks to Siri, quickly search online, navigate directories, view photos. The Apple watch also features an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. But the Apple Watch also gives the time, and accurately to 50 millionth of a second!

The success of the Apple Watch will largely depend on the ability of the community and developers to invent new uses by developing original applications. The next “Killer App” on Apple Watch may be yours? An Apple Application Development Project? Agence Web & Mobile, based in Nantes, digital pioneers 20 years ago, we have been developing mobile applications for more than six years on the iOS and Android environment (Ville de Nantes, Salle Pleyel, …). We also develop your Apple Watch applications today

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