These New Technologies Should Change Our Lives

The advent of virtual reality, the moulting of the photo, the war of the sky and, on the horizon, the beginnings of artificial intelligence … The year 2016 will mark one more step in the marathon of technological progress . Just look a few years back to realize that in 2016, the daily newspaper of the present will truly have futuristic attires. When it does not confine to anticipation dystopia.

  • Virtual reality, finally

In 2016, three companies will bring to life one of the oldest fantasies that technology has ever offered: virtual reality, the real one, which will redefine our notion of reality. The Oculus has just arrived and, sorry to tell you, but it is not given. Its competitor at Sony, the Playstation VR, will land in the coming months (and its price should also be around 700 euros ). The third thief, the Vive, born of the collaboration between HTC and Steam, will arrive in April.

After decades of fierce trials, mankind has finally given itself the means to triple indefinitely into new artificial paradises, with all the philosophical questions that arise as a bonus. Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and others can smile in their graves.

  • Photography is changing

Since its invention in 1839, the basic principle of the photo has changed little: a lens, a focus ring, a shutter, a smile or two, and it is in the box. Even the digital revolution of the beginning of the 21st century has not fundamentally changed the way a camera thinks. Until now.

Because 2016 could see new types of boxes, which will rewrite our definition of photography: devices  with multiple objectives,  a goal that no longer needs to take stock  before triggering, the  democratization of 3D photography … All these technologies should begin, slowly, to conquer the shelves of stores. The only thing left to the photographers is to reinvent their art.

  • Autonomous cars, soon

In fact, in California and Nevada, they are already there. In July 2015, the fleet of Google Cars, these autonomous cars (with steering wheel) totaled 3 million kilometers traveled. Without an accident … or almost. According to a report by the California Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ), Google Car required essential human intervention in thirteen situations. Thirteen accidents in 3 million kilometers traveled , it remains seductive. As The Atlantic says  ,  “cars without drivers are the race to space today . 

If Google is the most advanced company in the field, it is far from being the only one. Tesla, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and others are all mumous with prototypes of car without driver, which are the final result of the automation of functions started with the power steering. Now that technology exists, the puzzle is legal: who will take responsibility in the event of an accident? And above all, can you drink before you drive?

  • Augmented reality (no, it’s not dead with Google Glass)

In April 2015, we all stayed with eyes like two rounds of blank, discovering, live on stage , the unreal demo of HoloLens augmented reality device designed by Microsoft labs. There was something for it, as the holographic strolls of the man, who saw interactive objects appear on his coffee table and the walls of his reconstructed living room, were hypnotic.

Two months later, Microsoft was recidivating at the E3, the video game show, with a holographic demo of Minecraft . Oh, and did we talk about the fighting against alien robots  to lead while moving in the room? If the version intended for the general public is not planned for 2016, the developers will be able to take pleasurein this year. And as everywhere Microsoft trails, Google is never far away, the competition already exists with Magic Leap , whose demo rivals futurism.

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