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Last month we shared with you on our digital marketing blog our personal list of the 5 social media blogs that we consult religiously each morning in order to stay up to date on new developments and trends. Today we want to continue to make you fill your RSS reader with some of our “good addresses” dealing another theme which is one of the cornerstones of any good strategy Inbound Marketing : the SEO (the Search Engine Optimization , or Natural SEO). Indeed, this is one of the three techniques (with blogging and social media) from the top of the funnel that aims to attract as many visitors as possible to your website in order to transform them into prospects and customers .

The sites we offer today will be able to accompany you on a daily basis and will allow you to:

  • Learn to master the best SEO techniques;
  • Keep abreast of new news and trends;
  • Track changes in search engine algorithms.

So here are our latest 5 favorites SEO  :


Abundance: an SEO blog to follow absolutely

A real reference in the small world of the French SEO, the site ofAbondance is a real cave of Ali Baba: you will find plethora of articles rich and documented for both the professionals of the sector and for the beginners. The site regularly occupies the top positions in the rankings rewarding the best SEO blogs. A safe bet therefore .
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Webrankinfo: a SEO blog to follow absolutely

Created in 2002 by Olivier Duffez, consultant in referencing,Webrankinfo is today the biggest portal francophone dedicated to the SEO. Thanks to its very active forum, its tutorials and its tests of tools,you will be sure to find the answer to your most advanced questions . The site is interested in all types of SEO: natural, paying or social.
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A web agency founded by Sylvain Richard, Ax Net is one of the heavyweights of French referencing. Its blog is designed to help users discover and use best practices for creating websites and referencing.The strength of this site also comes from the quality of comments left by seasoned visitors who often offer as much interest as the article itself.
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Self-proclaimed “Rock Star SEO” on the SEO blog of its website, Laurent Bourelly is a referencing consultant who enjoys a notoriety in the small world of SEO. He uses his blog to share his experiences, reflections and discoveries with professionals and neophytes. His sometimes sliced ​​no-tongue opinions on some delicate subjects offer a vision of the profession that is sometimes significantly different from what is read on other similar sites.
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Finally, a little feminine touch in a world dominated by men: the blogMiss SEO Girl , held by a young woman passionate of SEO and web drafting, Alexandra Martin. At first glance, the distinctive character of this blog lies in its appearance, much more pleasant and neat than most other sites. But not only ! Besides producing articles relevant to interesting subjects, Miss SEO Girl also offers numerous interviews of SEO experts and offers original insights into this fairly unknown business.

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