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Google Tips To Recruit An SEO Or Choose An SEO Agency

Google’s help pages are full of tricks for both individuals and professionals. If your company is interested in its visibility on Google, you may have already browsed through the Search Console. One of them, entitled Do You Need a Referrer , helps to better understand the role and interest of SEO specialists. Google has even
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How To Choose The Right Web Agency For The Creation Of Its Website?

You have recently made the decision to create your website or start e-commerce. Congratulations! You have defined your needs and your specifications are ready to be sent. But to whom? A crucial step remains to be taken with the selection of a service provider. The web agencies in your area will probably all be
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Google SEO Tips to Optimize

Do you also want to optimize your blog in order to improve its SEO on Google as well as on other search engines? Here are 22 practical tips that will allow you to efficiently optimize your blog, but also avoid mistakes that will seriously harm the SEO on all the
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Developing An App For The Apple Watch

The connected watch from Apple has just been marketed in no less than nine countries with limited stocks. The next deliveries are scheduled for June. Even if the price of the Apple Watch remains high, Apple’s connected watch, the Apple Watch, has surpassed the million orders on its weekend! Apple therefore sold more connected
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How To Start Your Digital Strategy

If you have configured your Analytics , you have access to the Search Console, which tells you the queries typed in Google by the users who have landed on your site. Well, as far as we are concerned, we realize that our visitors are interested in knowing how to set the goals of a digital strategy . The
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Does Your Boss Need Digital Marketing Training?

If there are trades that have been greatly impacted by digital transformation, it is marketing and communication. Always at the heart of the company’s strategy , they have evolved a lot in a few years. The digitization of marketing, social networks, the possibilities offered by the Web to segment and target its customers,
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Retail Trends In The Face Of Dizitation

Physical trade is slowly falling, it is a fundamental trend, and the era of omnicality is put forward to unite the best of both worlds (offline and online). Nevertheless, more than 90% of sales still take place in real life, but perennial uses are being pushed by pure Player like Amazon
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Google Adwords Make Its Comeback

This re-entry webmarketing with the Adwords program is done between 2 chairs between the old interface and the new one, although the differences in functionality are not so numerous as that in the end. You have to do it! These 8 new features focus on the new interface with 4 new features, 2 new reports,
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How Irobot Aspires Robopolis And Personal Data

The American manufacturer of robot vacuums buys Robopolis, a Lyon company developed by Bruno Bonnell. These robots are able to draw up a very precise map of the apartment in which they evolve, which will facilitate the development of the mainstream robotics but can pose privacy problems. iRobot acquires Robopolis. SCREENSHOT
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By 2016, These New Technologies Should Change Our Lives

The advent of virtual reality, the moulting of the photo, the war of the sky and, on the horizon, the beginnings of artificial intelligence … The year 2016 will mark one more step in the marathon of technological progress . Just look a few years back to realize that in 2016,
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The GPS Of Smartphones Soon Much More Accurate

Broadcom, a manufacturer of communication chips for mobile devices, has announced the availability of a new dual-frequency GPS that will offer accuracy to the centimeter, compared to about five meters currently. Location-based services on smartphones will be the main beneficiaries. The smartphones , tablets and other connected devices using a GPS will soon make a leap result
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Fairphone 2, The Fair And Modular Smartphone, Is Available In France

Fairphone 2, an environmentally friendly smartphone and the people who make it, is now distributed in France  via the Orange operator. Designed to last from three to five years, it can be easily repaired by its owner in case of breakage or wear of the battery. It took almost two years for the